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Anna Milne

Life Coach for Mom's and Child and Youth Counsellor

Life Coach for Mom's and Child and Youth Counsellor
Anna Milne

11 October 2019, 04:00 PM

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About Anna

Hi !! I am Anna Milne, I am a mom, coach, international speaker, podcaster, world traveler, lover of life and creator of The 3 Pillars of Peace Coaching Program. I believe in the power of living your life full of passion. I spent a good portion of my life, hiding and not sharing my story. I had been ruled by others in my life, men telling me to be quiet, teachers telling me I talk to much, and much abuse and addiction. Each moment blew out the light inside me. I didn't know my light had been blown out. It showed up in other ways in my life. I was exhausted, stressed, unhappy, and done with life. My joy was gone, and I felt such huge guilt when I did anything for myself. I knew I had to do something, so I set out on a journey of healing, self-care and finding out who Anna Milne is. All of this I bring to my coaching Practice. I believe life is meant to live to its fullest. You were made for greatness, you were made to shine, you were made to LIVE. My mission in life is to work with moms who are stuck and in a rut; picking them up from that abyss and empowering them to live center stage in their lives.

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